The works of Natalia Sliwowska


I come from Poland, where around 10 years ago my relationship with photography started.

Since 2012, I do freelance work with digital and analog photography, and since the last three years- film making. I’m interested in indirect storytelling and absurdism, direct expression of senses, passions, and anxieties.

In Poland I worked as a freelance photographer and test and fashion photographer at SPP Model Agency in Wroclaw, Poland.

Currently following Arts, Culture and Media program at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. During this time I devoted to the theoretical approach to arts, specializing in the analysis and criticism of film and theater. I started two independent productions of documentary films that are still in progress. Previews of these projects are available on my vimeo and are password protected.

In 2016 with a group of my friends established a local art collective MURMUR which aimed at the organization of inter-medial art events joining exhibitions, concerts, screenings and philosophy stand-ups.


I do commissioned photography and film, if you are interested in having a picture or a movie made by me, write, or call +48 782 103 908.

Natalia Sliwowska